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Applicator roll
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         Coating roller, also known as K Hand Coater. Coating roller can realize simple coating operation, suitable for the development of a variety of substrate coating film, with this method can be coated on many kinds of substrate, including paper, cardboard, plastic film, foil, metal plate, glass plate and wood, and so on.

       Applicable fields
 Applicator rolls are used for research, testing and quality control in the detection of inks, paints, adhesives and various emulsions. Suitable substrates for RK coating roll include paper, paper jam, plastic film, metal foil, etc.
Introduction of coating roller
One operation can be applied to two or more coatings at the same time, so it is an ideal instrument for making contrast samples.
At present coater USES special multifunctional coater, can achieve a variety of forms of surface coater generation, coater retractable are equipped with full speed automatic film connection mechanism, PLC program tension closed-loop automatic control. It is mainly used for coating roller coating surface coating, machine coating to this type of coating machine. Roll into the base material, such as: paper, cloth, leather, aluminum foil, plastic film, etc., coated with a specific function of the glue, paint or ink, etc., and dry after winding. The amount of coating can be adjusted by measuring the pressure between rollers, the pressure is strengthened, the amount of coating through the reduction, the amount of coating is reduced.

Coating compound equipment is mainly used in plastic film, paper, aluminum anodized, cloth and leather and other drum substrate on the adhesive coating and compound processing. It is widely used in various packing fields and has a broad prospect of development.


1. The material is made of high-quality 45# steel tube or alloy steel, which is tempered by heat treatment, machined, and plated with hard chrome by fine grinding and high precision grinding, or polished to a mirror surface.

2. Straightness, roundness, coaxiality, etc. < 0.002mm, hard chrome plated on the surface, HRC65 hardness above, rough ultra Ra0.05.

Widely used in: coating machine (plastic film, paper, reflective material, tape, cloth, leather, metal foil, medical materials, electronic industry and other base material coating, coating).


Using the operating
1. First, prepare appropriate size of substrate for proofing.

 2. Place the substrate on the embossing bed and clamp it with a clamp.

 3. Select the appropriate type of coating roller (see related information) and place it on the press bed near the clamp.

 4. Place the paint or varnish used for proofing near the clamp, about 1cm below the coating roller. (Please use your own dosage)

 5. Hold both ends of the coater roll with both hands and pull the coater roll towards the direction of the operator at a constant speed and pressure. Please pay attention not to turn the coater roll during operation.

 6. After proofing, put the coating roller into an appropriate solvent for cleaning and wipe with cloth. Please note that the coating roller should always be kept dry.