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Qijiexin Company - independent research and development of mirror machine
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           Qijiexin Company - independent research and development of mirror machine
What is a mirror machine?
Mirror machine is achieved by the principle of rolling, using the plastic deformation of metal at room temperature. The purpose of changing the surface structure, mechanical properties, shape and size is to make the surface of the workpiece smooth. No matter what kind of processing tool is used, there will always be fine uneven marks left on the surface of the parts, the phenomenon of alternating peaks and valleys. It is a kind of machining method that USES the principle of mechanical extrusion to obtain the bright and clean metal surface.

The mirror machine is a mirror grinding and polishing equipment. The material is placed on the grinding disc, which rotates in inverse time. The correction wheel drives the workpiece to rotate, and the gravity pressure is applied to test the pressure of the workpiece, and the workpiece is rubbed against the grinding disc to achieve grinding and polishing. Make the grinding disc get the ideal plane effect.

Features of mirror polishing equipment developed by our company:

1. The maximum polishing diameter reaches 1500CM and the length can be processed 4500CM. However, the maximum polishing diameter of the mirror polishing equipment of the traditional mirror machine cannot exceed 600cm, which is a relatively large mirror machine at present.


2. Our mirror machine equipment adopts automatic control mode, with intuitive and convenient operation interface, program control and simple operation. Comprehensive security considerations. Real-time monitoring, fault error alarm, easy maintenance.


3. Its single side mirror polishing time is controlled uniformly and fixed, which can ensure the mirror uniformity of the product.

         Advantage: Precise control of mm polishing time and the mirror effect of the surface


Application advantages: high quality, high efficiency, economy, environmental protection, safety
       Automatic mechanical mirror polishing is a process of polishing (coarse grinding, fine grinding) and polishing (WENDT three-step polishing) on metal materials to achieve a smooth, bright mirror like surface.

            The following picture is taken by Qi Jiexin
                               The new equipment will be put into use soon                                                            The equipment being processed

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