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 Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Co., Ltd.
The leader of domestic electromagnetic heating roller
Qi Jie Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, headquartered in Hunan city of Zhuzhou Province, by Chinese Hangfa 608 (Aeroengine Research Institute) technology and engineering 85 technology pioneer Liu Yabin, led jointly founded the well-known electromagnetic induction heating roller control system and new materials research and development, technology solutions, technology and equipment manufacturing products, production and sales through-train independent industry chain enterprises, national high-tech enterprise, Zhuzhou entrepreneurial star enterprise, has a number of national patents.
Since its establishment, the company always uphold the principle of "science and technology industry, with innovative achievements of the future of the mind, is committed to high-end manufacturing, the core technology ability to improve R & D and production process, close to the demand of high-tech enterprises, China made power, success among the domestic electromagnetic heating roller industry leader, and become the province only one in the electromagnetic induction heating roller professional manufacturers, with the domestic first independent design + metal packaging food grade iron coated above 260 degree centigrade high temperature preheating + composite unit, and the first domestic copper plastic composite unit of more than 380 DEG C, later has given a number of production plants to upgrade equipment and plant facilities in the industry. The first to break the monopoly of Japan, to provide safe and efficient energy saving and environmental protection, new materials and industrial high performance green environment for many enterprise solutions.
Industry introduction
Production base of electromagnetic heating roller

The company has R & D center, electronic components manufacturing center, machining and assembly center, product testing center and aging, and close cooperation in the aviation industry jointly set up a research team to develop electromagnetic heating, the international top high-tech R & D team with the China domestic actual electricity and environmental situation, draw a large number of international advanced electronic control technology and the electromagnetic conversion of energy-saving technology, the introduction of international advanced energy-saving environmental protection concept, in 2012 successfully developed with independent intellectual property rights of a new generation of energy-saving environmentally friendly products - intelligent electromagnetic heating roller.
The heating roller successfully broke the high temperature of 500 DEG C, the temperature of the roller surface effective working surface uniformity of - 1 DEG C, the control precision is + - 0.1 DEG C, stable performance, intelligent operation, the majority of customers get manufacturers of long-term production and use of the affirmative, the absolute advantage technology in energy conservation and environmental protection industry, access to economic incentives into the project major in Zhuzhou Municipal Bureau of science and technology, scientific and technological achievements, and combined with Japanese electromagnetic eddy current technique and the product performance indicators have reached the domestic first-class level, compared with the traditional heating technology of power energy saving more than 60%. At present, the products have been widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging, non-woven fabric, carbon fiber, lithium batteries, automotive glass, metal packaging, electronic board copper plastic composite materials such as deep processing field, which belongs to the equipment, the key technology and new material safety and high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and promote the accelerated development of the electronic products and new materials.
In the globalization strategy to flourish today, Zhuzhou electromagnetic heating roller production base of Qi Jie relying on science and technology leading, to create Hunan's first non-woven production line, with Foxconn, Baosteel, Shougang Group, COFCO packaging, Guangzhou Rui Yuan Science and technology, Beijing Galaxy Zhongong, China Hangfa, and other large enterprises to establish a good relationship of cooperation, products sold to developed coastal regions of Beijing and Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and other foreign countries.

Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Co., Ltd., taking the production base of electromagnetic heating roller as the core, radiated the surrounding area, and constantly innovated the industrial mode, forming a unique R & D, production and sales industry chain. At present, there are two companies and four branches. They specializes in R & D and production of new materials such as coated iron, carbon fiber, aluminum plastic composite, copper plastic composite (plastic circuit board), non-woven fabric and so on. The company has the most advanced production equipment, the most professional scientific research, design, service team, in the industry has a good reputation.

Hunan Qi Jie Mstar Technology Ltd (a branch factory) - a non woven hot - rolled non-woven fabric production based high and new technology enterprises. Electromagnetic heating and production equipment of non-woven fabric production equipment company with Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Limited company independent research and development of hot rolled non-woven thermocompression production, high quality and high efficiency, the machine power consumption energy saving more than 60%, thus greatly reducing operational costs, the company will be on the market and the impact of the market at the lowest price, the company will cost saving benefit give customers, and ultimately achieve a win-win with customers.

Hunan Qi Jie new Mstar Technology Ltd (two branch) - a Zhuzhou non-woven bag factory, non-woven viscose (lining), non-woven fabric cutting. Is environmental protection material enterprise integrating non-woven bag production and design, sales, production equipment for the company by Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Co. company independent research and development of unmanned production manufacturing process, production process equipment, laminating non-woven bag equipment, printing equipment and technology reference concept of industrial country, the whole shop 24 hours of no production, use professional printing technology products bag 3D color 3D printing technology will be full, the bag body pattern depicted more real, more sophisticated, more three-dimensional. The completion of the production of high quality and efficiency, the machine power consumption energy saving more than 60%, thus greatly reducing operational cost, automatic robot equipment greatly save labor cost, the company will be on the market and the impact of the market at the lowest price, the company will cost saving benefit to give our customers, and ultimately achieve a win-win with customers.
(shake Qian Shu pressure and shrink + compound factory) - relying on the electromagnetic heating roller equipment as the core