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Electromagnetic heating roller production base - Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Co., Ltd., is a research and development, production, sales of high-tech enterprises. The company has R & D center, electronic components manufacturing center, machining and assembly center, product testing center of aging, also closely cooperated with the China Aviation Industry and universities jointly set up a team of electromagnetic heating, the researchers combined with the current domestic real Chinese electricity and environmental protection, draw a large number of international advanced electronic control technology and electromagnetic conversion the introduction of international advanced technology of energy saving, energy saving and environmental protection concept, the development of a new generation of energy-saving and environmental protection products with independent intellectual property rights: an intelligent electromagnetic heating roller and the heating roller series of successful breakthrough in high temperature of 500 DEG C, the temperature of the roller surface effective working surface uniformity of - 1 DEG C, the control precision is + - 0.1 DEG C, stable performance, intelligent operation, and the majority of customers get manufacturers of long-term production and use of the affirmative, then has the absolute leading technology in energy saving and environmental protection industry Advantage.
Non-woven fabric production equipment company using electromagnetic heating roller production base of Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Limited company independent research and development and production of electromagnetic heating equipment of hot rolling non-woven thermocompression high quality, high efficiency, complete production, machine power consumption energy saving more than 60%, the non-woven equipment greatly reduces the cost of the operation, the company will be on the market and the impact of the market at the lowest price the company will benefit, cost saving for customers, and ultimately achieve a win-win with customers.
As a professional engaged in research and development, production of energy-saving products, sales of high-tech companies, the company has been adhering to regards product quality as enterprise life, as the development of science and technology for the soul of enterprise business philosophy, the company has always firmly and resolutely implement the products made with conscience, in good faith and development guidelines. We all Jieren is willing to work with a person with breadth of vision from all walks of life hand in hand, create brilliant.