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Application field of aramid - electromagnetic heating roller
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        As the high-tech industry becomes the main target of the world economic development, the application of high-tech and new materials as the leading new industries, such as national defense, aerospace, rubber industry, electronics and communications, automobile industry, oil and gas field exploration and production, sports and leisure products and other industries development, will need high performance arimon.

     Application of arimon in aerospace and munitions industry: arimon can be used to make secondary structural materials of large aircraft, such as cabin door, window, wing, fairing body surface, etc., and can also be used to make interior ceiling, bulkhead, etc., which can reduce its quality. Kevlar composite material can be used to manufacture solid rocket launcher, pressure vessel, spacecraft cockpit, submarine, bulletproof armored vehicle, armored vehicle, bulletproof plate, bulletproof helmet, bulletproof vest, etc. Aramid and metal composite armor deck and aramid and ceramic composite armor deck have been widely used in bulletproof armored vehicles, bulletproof armored vehicles and bulletproof helmets. The non-weft fabric of high grade bulletproof arrayon and the soft bulletproof vest made of high performance polyethylene film have better bulletproof performance and heat resistance than the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber.
      Hunan QiJieXin technology co., LTD.(www.zgqjkj.com/www.qjxdz.com); Production of electromagnetic heating roller is widely used in coated iron, carbon fiber, lu: su composite, copper plastic composite circuit board (plastic), calendering, plastics, printing, paper making, baking, non-woven fabrics and other new materials research and development production, particularly in electromagnetic heating roller coated iron preheating unit, aramid fiber, carbon fiber, pbo and other special fiber electromagnetic heating roller drying unit, copper plastic and aluminum-plastic composite electromagnetic heating roller unit to solve temperature problem. Our company is the company with the most cases of domestic professional manufacturers and the most experience, making outstanding technical contribution for domestic brands to replace the imported electromagnetic heating roller.