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Heat roller of chemical fiber - electromagnetic heating roller

Single wall suspension electromagnetic heating roller Common specifications: 200mm, 600mm, L400mm to L4000mm, and can be customized according to customer requirements. The surface temperature is 100 to 550 degrees, and can be customized according to customer requirements. Roll body speed: 100 ~ 800m/min; Linear pressure: 0 ~ 20kg/m;

Processing technology and performance characteristics of electromagnetic heating roller

1) Material selection: 45#, 42GrMo, 38 GrMoAl, high temperature alloy steel, advanced heat treatment technology, quenching and tempering, stress relief and quenching. The thickness of the inner wall of the heating roller is uniform. After quenching, the surface hardness can reach HRC50 ~ 58.

2) Internal structure: from the inside to outside, the central axis, the insulation layer, the heating layer, the radiation layer, the insulation layer, the reflective layer, the high-temperature coating layer and so on.

3) Heating mode: electromagnetic induction heating, environmental protection, energy saving efficiency of 30 to 60%, the highest temperature of electromagnetic induction heating roller can reach 400 degrees Celsius.

4) Surface treatment: the imported formula is hard chromium plating, the chromium layer is meticulous and the binding force is strong. (also customizable according to customer requirements)

5) Precision: uniform temperature of roller surface, temperature less than 1 DEG C, straightness, flatness, beating the coaxiality is less than or equal to 0.005mm.

Application field of electromagnetic heating roller:
Carbon brazing, aramid, chemical fiber, wire drawing, drying,etc.

electromagnetic heating rollerelectromagnetic heating roller