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Electromagnetic Heating Roller


      Hunan QiJieXin electromagnetic heating roller is widely used in coated iron, carbon fiber, aluminum-plastics compounding, copper plastic composite circuit board (plastic), calendering, plastics, printing, paper making, baking, non-woven fabrics and other new materials research and development production, particularly in electromagnetic heating roller coated iron preheating unit, aramid fiber, carbon fiber, PBO fiber and other special fiber electromagnetic heating roller drying unit, copper-plastic and aluminum-plastic electromagnetic heating roller unit to solve the temperature problem. Our company has the most cases of domestic professional manufacturers and experience, and  makes outstanding technical contribution for domestic brands electromagnetic heating roller to replace imported electromagnetic heating roller.

      Our one hundred percent for domestic professional manufacturer case most experience of the company, for domestic brands to replace imported electromagnetic heating roller has excellent technical contribution, main client has guangzhou farce far technology co., LTD., Shanghai baosteel group corporation, shandong in the champions league group, foxconn, bluestar fiber, guangdong JiYang intelligence, new materials, shenzhen shenzhen hon hai era of electronic, shenzhen hao to science and technology, new material, YangCheng science and technology, and new materials.