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Application of coated iron - electromagnetic heating roller
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       Metal laminating technology is the plastic film and metal plate through high temperature hot press, film paste on the metal plate processing technology. Covered film processing as a result of not using adhesives, solvents, so does not contain formaldehyde, and plastic film can be beautified decoration, antibacterial, anti-dyeing and other processing, to ensure the safety and health of the human body, but also played the role of environmental protection.

      At present, laminating board has been widely used in various industries, the most widely used. 1, food cans in the food metal can applications are mainly: food cans, beverage cans, four screw cap, candy cans, tea cans, easy to open the lid. 2. The application of chemical tank in chemical tank mainly includes: chemical tank, paint tank, paint tank, two-piece gas tank and various top and bottom covers. In particular, the blank film processing technology, can be applied to a variety of three pieces of cans. 3. Decorative cans and gift cans are mainly used in decorative cans: portable cigarette ash box, gift box, pencil box, jewelry box, cigarette box, wine box and so on. 4, the application of other industries in other industries are mainly: building boards, walls, partition, ceiling, security doors, floors, awnings and so on.

      Hunan QiJieXin electronic technology co., LTD. (www.zgqjkj.com/www.qjxdz.com); Electromagnetic heating roller production base, specializing in the manufacture of electromagnetic heating high temperature roller, our company has successfully broken through 500 degrees high temperature, roll surface temperature uniformity ±1℃, control accuracy ±0.1℃. No oil tank, no oil stain in the workshop. Energy saving and environmental protection, intelligent operation, safe and reliable, improve output, improve product quality, low maintenance cost, less trouble, long service life.